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How to choose the freshest fish?


Good seafood is an important source of nutrition, as it provides a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibres. Choosing the fresh fish in Doha is an art and there are many ways to do it but it’s not always easy to tell if the fish is fresh or not. And if you want to know how to choose the freshest fish then this article is for you, below I listed the ways to choose fresh fish in Qatar.


  • Look for clear, bright eyes: We all want fresh fish in Qatar that too from the best fish store in Qatar. But how do you know that your fish is as fresh as it could be? One of the ways to see while choosing the freshest fish is to Look for clear, bright eyes. The eyes should be clear and free of any discolouration or cloudiness. Clear eyes mean that the fish is fresh, but If your fish has dull or cloudy eyes, it’s probably not fresh and it’s been frozen.


  • Check for firm flesh: When shopping for fish in Qatar from a fish store in Qatar, it’s tempting to buy whatever looks good to you, especially if it’s on sale. But if you’re looking to make sure your fish is as fresh as possible, start with a firm flesh test. Fish that feels hard to the touch is the most recent one. Check for a firm texture and avoid any mushy or spongy fish.


  • Smell the fish: It’s important to know how to choose the freshest fish from a fish shop in Qatar. And If you want to know how to choose the freshest fish in Doha, smell it! When you smell your fish, you can tell whether it’s fresh or not. If a fish smells off, like if it has a mouldy smell or if its scales are flaking off, then it’s probably not fresh and should be avoided. But if it smells like the ocean, then that could mean that your fish is still alive and fresh.


  • Check for a shiny appearance: It’s important to check for a shiny appearance when you’re buying from a fish store in Qatar because it means the fish is fresh. The fresher the fish, the more its skin should be shiny and firm. If the skin isn’t shiny enough, it could mean that the fish has been sitting around too long.



  • Inspect the gills: You can often tell if fish is fresh by looking at the gills. Fresh fish will have bright red or orange gills. These darker marks will turn white as the fish naturally becomes more “dry”. As the fish becomes dry, it will change the colour of gills from dark red to whitish in colour. This is a sign that the fish you are buying from a fish store in Qatar is not fresh and has lost some of its flavours.


  • Consider the source and seasonality: To select the freshest fish in Qatar, consider the source and seasonality. Make sure that your purchase is from a reputable source. You also want to make sure that what you’re buying is from a seasonally appropriate time of year. For instance, locally caught fresh fish are generally fresher than the fish caught in the ocean.



So when you are going to a fish store in Qatar to buy the freshest fish in Qatar try to check all the above-listed things to get the freshest fish available in the store. And there are many fish shops in Qatar but the best one always provides the freshest fish to their customers same as Bluefin does. Bluefin not only provides you with fresh fish from the fish stores in Qatar but they also have online delivery in Qatar. Check the Bluefin website for more details.

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